The Bad Jew of Boro Park

I have a new story up at Salon. Topics include: being a bad Jew, ultra-orthodox werewolves, and revenge cannibalism. 

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The House Of All Boogeymen

I spent two months rooting around the Internet with amateur detectives who are trying to solve the Long Island serial killer case.
I had the opportunity to speak with families of the killer’s victims, private investigators, NYPD, escorts, psychics, and more.
This story had a major impact on me. I came across some things that I might not ever shake. If I already looked at humanity with a severe skepticism – this did not help. But I do think there’s a discussion this country should be having about the safety of today’s sex workers who are too often preyed upon by serial killers. 

Much thanks to @mattmellonillustration for designing the new issue and to @honeysuckle_magazine for letting me run with this one. 

You can read whole story in the new issue of Honeysuckle Magazine linked below:



I wrote a story for VICE Sports about the history of mascot kidnappings between Army and Navy.

Many thanks to the USMA library for letting me dig through their archives, to the midshipmen in Annapolis who were kind enough to pull records out of Nimitz Library for me, and of course to the mascot kidnappers themselves for being willing to talk.

Here it is on the eve of the 116th anniversary of the Army-Navy football game:

Click to read: Chloroformed Goats and Stolen Mules: The Army-Navy Mascot Wars




Edgar Allan Poe died October 7, 1849. It is still unknown how. Theories include: murder, cholera, laudanum, rabies, and suicide.

He had a small three-minute funeral in the back of the Westminster Hall in Baltimore, Maryland. The reverend decided against giving a sermon because the crowd was so small. Poe was buried in a cheap casket without a cushion.

He had no headstone to mark this first plot. This is because the white Italian marble headstone his cousin bought for him was destroyed before it ever made it to the grave. The yard the headstone was kept in was demolished by a derailed train.

Poe was reburied on October 1, 1875. The gravediggers exhumed the wrong body before finding Poe.
Walt Whitman was the only well-known poet to attend the reburial.
The bones of Edgar’s wife, Virginia Clemm Poe, eventually joined him in his new digs. By 1875, the cemetery she was buried in was completely destroyed. A man (a biographer of Poe) stole her bones and kept her bones in a box beneath his bed for about a decade until they were joined with those of her husband.

“There is no beauty without some strangeness.” – Edgar Allan Poe