2016 in Order of Publication

The House of all Boogeymen – Honeysuckle Magazine

– Two months rooting around the Internet with amateur detectives who are trying to solve the still unsolved Long Island serial killer case.

The stretch of road near Gilgo Beach, Long Island where the victims were discovered

The Bad Jew of Boro Park – Salon

– Jewish Halloween (AKA Purim) in a blizzard in Boro Park, Brooklyn

Orthodox child in costume – Boro Park, BK – photo by Shane Cashman 

Your New Baby is an Invasive Species – The Higgs Weldon

– In which I list facts about your new baby’s inner savage (written before I became a dad – and inspired by cat training books…)

When You Die, I’ll be There to Take Your Stuff – Narratively 

– My life as a furniture mover for an auction gallery

Photo by Kristen Tomkowid

15 Minutes with Alan – Catapult

– Former Navy dentist, lifelong antiques collector, and Viking descendent

Illustration by Tallulah Pomeroy

On Tour with Teddy Roosevelt – Narratively 

– Traveled around with the man who has brought President Theodore Roosevelt back to life 

Photo by Vi Nguyen

Why I’ll Never Buy Another Peacock – Fiction Southeast

– short story, the hell of waiting in line

“The Solution Center was one of those places that sold everything–though solutions were its specialty. The checkout line went single file out the center, past the parking lot, past the highway. Everyone had questions like: how to sell weed or how to quit your job or how to rob a bank or how to get pregnant with twins or how to walk in high heels or how to swim or how to zest a lemon or how to write a love song or how to silence a shotgun or how to amputate an arm or…”


I’m thankful for anyone who read anything of mine this year. Thank you. Thank you. 

Here’s to the whim of 2017. Here’s to being a dad and a husband. Here’s to us all doing our damnedest to mutate into what Nicholson Baker says of himself: “… a carefree, happy huge shining slimy eyeball of weird wonderment. I can swivel in any direction. Any direction I look, I will find something interesting.”