Things I’m liking while driving through Massachusetts into New Hampshire: I like that I found a radio station that strictly plays 90’s rock. Turned up Offspring. Turned up Bush. Alice in Chains. Lit. Weezer. Pumpkins. Even House of Pain.

I like how local radio stations can really define the identity of a place. Bunch of WWE commercials. I know it’s not right to judge a town you’re driving through by the voice of its zany radio host, but I like to.

I like that car decals and bumper stickers in New England are hilarious. The wife of the man who owns a lumberyard drives a minivan with a huge decal across the rear windshield: Ask Me About My Husband’s Wood.

I like how the guy in the car next to me in traffic has a beard like Scott Ian of Anthrax. I like that people like him still exist. In fact, everyone in traffic here looks like Scott Ian of Anthrax.

I turn up Nirvana. Turn up the Chili Peppers. The Zombies. Hell, I even turn up the Barenaked Ladies.


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