A Literation: Ctrl+Alt+Del (Volume 3)

A Literation: Ctrl+Alt+Del (Volume 3)

I’m damn charged to know my poem The Commute has been accepted for the next issue of A Literation

I wrote The Commute sitting in traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge on my way to Manhattanville College. Stand still. Practically-in-park traffic. We were all packed so tight on the bridge I was inhaling the cigarette smoke leaving the car beside me. I was chewing on the diesel fumes from the truck in front of me. I was falling in love with women stranded same as me in their cars, windows down, summer heat, just hoping to creep up an inch. We might as well have been caught in an elevator. I could hear everyones teeth grind. 

I had been on my way to my second class with Alice Elliot Dark at Manhattanville College. It became obvious to me that I’d miss the first 20 minutes of class which were reserved for free writing.  I decided to do my free write behind the wheel. 

I got to class in time to read my scribbled chicken scratch poem, heart pounding from racing down Anderson Hill Road and onto campus. 

Alice dug it. I tweaked it a bit since, but only slightly. For the most part, the way it looked when I wrote it down against the steering wheel, with my foot on the brake, off the brake, is the way A Literation will be publishing it. 

Stoked to be a part of this issue and this community of writers. Do support them. You can find a copy of the new issue on Amazon HERE.

– Shane 


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