I Hate My Generation (a poem made up of Youtube comments from the 2013 VMA’s Miley Cyrus performance)

The earth is imploding
Twerking her head off
and I feel sorry

Is there something wrong with your taste in women?

You guys want full HD of someone that is dead
RIP Miley

Why the tongue?
Why the tongue?
Why did you dance in the world we live in?

Jesus Christ,
Never let your child be a star

RIP famous people
God Disney

Look what you created

Somebody is hard
Having a seizure
and it frightens me

Reptilian stripper
Scary trash
Puberty trainwreck

Vulgar puke
Bitch dude

There is no hope
I wish we could go back

What about all the other illegal stuff the government is doing to us?
Reminds me of the Fall of the Roman Empire
Even Japan was like WTF? after watching this

Godless and sex obsessed

Jesus Christ, holy fuck
Bless her disgusting heart

This is her real self
A perversion of childhood

She used to be my role model

I think you should be grateful this isn’t in HD

I hate my generation

* Poems Written by the Internet consists of poems that are made up of exact lines and or words collected from Youtube comments. This poem is based on comments on videos of Miley Cyrus performing at the 2013 VMA’s


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