Somebody Wants Me (HOSTAGES)

There is a man with a gun in the woods outside my house. He has been running through the forest ever since he robbed a bank and ditched his car earlier today. The car might be hidden in the woods nearby.

I am standing on my bed with four state troopers looking into the forest to see if we can spot any movement. The windows in my room have a good view of the corner of the forest the man is believed to be in.
The troopers are wearing flak vests and I am in gym shorts, holding my USMA sword. I warned the cops about the sword as they followed me upstairs to my room so they wouldn’t be alarmed.

I had been holding my United States Military sword because for an hour before the police arrived all I saw was a helicopter combing the woods with its spotlight. It was obvious something bad was happening in the forest.

The man standing next to me with his boots on my bed is holding a shotgun.

We’ve been told to stay inside. That since we’re the only house on the hill he could use us as hostages. My great danes think otherwise.

In the meantime, I’ll share a demo for a new Future Ancestor song I started last night.

We’ve been staring out the windows since 11pm. Somebody wants me.

Here’s to 5am, my USMA sword, black coffee, the dark forest, and the cops at the bottom of my hill with the spike strip stretched across the road.


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