Mabus Throwback


Throwback from a show Mabus played in 2007 in Burlington, Vermont in an Oddfellows Lodge.

After the show we found a secret door in the wall.
When we opened it we discovered a full skeleton resting inside. We befriended the skeleton and myfriend Max and I sat with him on the floor, giving it some beer.

We slid him kindly back into the wall after taking full advantage of the rare oppurtunity to take a photo with a true skeleton. (A picture of this exists somewhere in the ether of the ghostland of Myspace.)

I couldn’t trust the smile on the skeleton as he tasted the Pabst Blue Ribbon. Our metal band egos and macabre humor would backfire that night. While we drove out of Vermont I felt as though the Oddfellow had put a curse on us. As disturbed bones are known to do.

That night our van exploded. Not like a Die Hard explosion, but enough to render the van useless. Smoke poured from under the hood as we realized we were stranded on the side of a desolate road by a slaughterhouse in Whitehall, NY.

What followed was a night of breaking into the pool of a dying motel, hiding two bands in one shoebox of a motel room, and trying to shake the Texas Chainsaw Massacre sized anxiety in the middle of upstate-New-York-nowhere.

It was the beginning of one of the best weeks of my life.

You can find some of the old Mabus songs @


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