Meteor Mixtape

Meteor Mixtape

The Meteor Video Mixtape (songs for 2012 DA14)

A meteor exploding over Russia taught me a few things.

A lot of people have dashboard cameras in Russia. And a lot of people in Russia listen to house music while driving to work, recording the commute with their dashboard cameras.

It also made me think of two things. Ænima by Tool and Bruce Willis. I feel thankful that Bruce is still alive to sacrifice himself for Earth once more.

Oh, and scientists always ruin (or enhance) the way I see olympic size pools and or states like Connecticut or Rhode Island because they love to seem to compare the sizes of killer asteroids to either a small North American state or a pool.

While we wait for the asteroid known as 2012 DA14 to breeze by at 2:25pm ET here are some songs that might have something to do with asteroids, end times, and or most things outer space. Or Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck’s pre-asteroid animal cracker scene.

“… the gazelle now faces man’s most perilous question. North or south? Way down under.”  And thanks to seeing that scene at a young age, I always crave animal crackers when asteroids shave our planet close.

Who are you eating animal crackers with while the asteroid passes?

Click the link to listen HERE!


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